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Terms of Use & Privacy Policy



The Lexxing Community is a network that brings people and languages together to facilitate learning languages.


Being a member of the Lexxing Community also requires you to be responsible.

The Lexxing community is a social network for people interested in languages and friends. To be a Lexxing member means to maintain a friendly togetherness and a pleasant tone. We want you and all the other users here to have fun respectfully, to provide a place where you help each other to learn languages.

This network is open to anyone who is interested in languages. So that all members feel comfortable here, there are certain rules that our members as responsible people will happily comply with.

Violations of the terms and conditions or the terms of use published here will be admonished and sanctioned. Serious violations can lead to legal or criminal charges being brought up against the originator.

The Lexxing Community offers the possibility to publish your own contents within the purpose of the network, such as texts, photos, videos and provide these contents for the benefit of the network and its users. The following rules apply to content published on the network and interaction with other users:

A) No illegal or offensive content.

Slander, threats, racist, sexist, violent, political or religious or otherwise extremist, discriminatory or other illegal or offensive content, comments, photos or videos that violate the right of others are prohibited.

These include pornographic or violent content and images or pictures of victims of violence of any kind in general or that are specifically regulated by law. Nudity is equally considered completely inappropriate and prohibited.

Users can rate content provided by other users as offensive. We ask you to make use of this function if you encounter content that you deem offensive, objectionable, illegal or otherwise unlawful. If such a rating is justified, the related content will be removed. The content provided by users can also be corrected by themselves. In case of wiki-like content other users may make corrections.

B) Exercise accountability and respect the Lexxing Community and other users.

Responsibility and respect mean you are responsible for the content you publish and you will obey the following: do not publish content that violates copyrights, no insults, abuse, mobbing, bullying, stalking, spam, no false profiles and no secondary profiles under alternative names or with texts, photos or videos of other persons, no groups, blogs, pictures, videos or other content that may result harmful to others or that violate the personal rights or the copyright of those harmed. Respect other users and the Lexxing Community!

Users that disobey these rules or do so intentionally will be sanctioned (for example banned from the network) and serious misconduct or violations will result in legal or criminal charges. Responsible users are considerate of each other and respect each other. You may not abuse your liberties in the network. If you do so nevertheless, you will solely be held responsible for legal or criminal consequences.

C) Chain letters and spam are not allowed.

Please do not write chain letters and refrain from forwarding them. If these come from your friends in the network, please ask them to refrain from forwarding those. Emails or mass emails with or without hidden advertising messages are also spam and thus not allowed.

D) Make responsible use of your profile.

Your profile in the Lexxing Community reflects your person on this network. Any registered user may access your profile and get that information about you. Be sure about what contents you publish, what images or videos you upload or publish. You really are responsible to make this network a pleasant experience.

Choose a secure password and do not provide it to others. Do not publish personal information about yourself which may be publicly visible or which may be accessed by other users. This includes your address, your phone number, your habits and other information that may apply in general or personally to you.

You are solely responsible for your account on the Lexxing Community and will solely be held responsible and suffer the consequences for any violation of our terms.

E) Compliance with copyright and copyright law.

Do only publish your own content or content that is not subject to the copyright of others or violate copyright laws. That means that you may only publish or upload content, including texts, photos or videos, produced by yourself or if you are the copyright holder or are legally allowed to do so according to copyright law. Photos and videos that show or include other people, require you to obtain their consent prior to and in order to publish them.

The Lexxing Community cares about copyright protection. If there is a potential violation of the copyright in content provided by users, we ask for immediate notification via email to the following address: copyright at lexxing dot com.

As a user of the Lexxing Community you must make sure that the copyright holders of contents and people appearing on photos or videos have given you their consent to publish them on this network. If you do not have this consent from all copyright holders and people appearing, then you are not allowed to upload or publish those contents here. You are solely responsible for copyright infringements and legal consequences resultant thereof, for content you publish on the site. The Lexxing Community only provides its services to publish content that respects the copyright and does its best to undermine publishing of content that does not adhere to copyright restrictions, but that can only be guaranteed at all times if you do not violate these rules, whereby the Lexxing Community excludes any liability for contents that are in violation of terms.

F) Advertising.

Commercial advertising through your profile, news, comments, published content or messages in general, market, group, event, diary or blog entries is prohibited.

The Lexxing Community is funded through controlled advertising revenues. Uncontrolled commercial use of this network is thus not accepted.

If you would like to advertise via the Lexxing Community, please write us an email to: marketing at lexxing dot com.

G) Exclusively private use.

Any content and information you obtain via the Lexxing Community is exclusively for private use. This data must not be transmitted or sold to third parties. Any further use or data processing without the consent of the Lexxing Community is prohibited. Any abuse, hacking or data harvesting is prohibited. Please do not attempt to manipulate, modify, delete or misuse contents of the Lexxing Community or user profiles. Data abuse is a criminal act and will be communicated to the corresponding authorities.

H) Our terms and conditions and terms of use are obligatory.

Once you register you have accepted the present terms and conditions, terms of use and general conditions of the Lexxing Community. You must comply with these and acknowledge this by registering. Any third-party terms and conditions are excluded and do not apply.


Privacy policy

We care about protecting your data. The confidential use of your data is a primary issue for the Lexxing Community. The trust you place in the network is honored by treating your information duly and respecting your privacy.

The personal data we ask you to provide is used to provide services to the users of the social network via the domain, or, to provide commercial and marketing services to the network users, to send advertising information and conduct data analyses of the data provided for commercial means and to improve the service provided to the users. The fields marked with an asterisk (or any other sign) are obligatory and no service may be provided as stated unless you provide the required data.

For questions regarding the privacy of your data you can send an email to privacy at lexxing dot com.


The users who provide their data via email, forms or other means, acknowledge and agree with full consent that their personal data and other information provided is used according to the previous statements.


Lexxing Community may transmit or communicate data to comply with their obligation towards the authorities or other public organizations if so required and according to the current legislation.

Lexxing Community informs its users that any personal data processing is done with respect to the current legislation regarding privacy protection. Lexxing Community guarantees and is responsible only for data requested via their websites and is not responsible regarding processing or later use of personal data by third-party services that may access this data to provide their services or within their activities.

Third-party services include those entities that provide any of these services: data transmission via networks, access services to those networks, data storage or hosting services, content or information providers. Lexxing Community is not responsible for data processing by third parties who link to any of the Lexxing Community's websites or those that the Lexxing Community's websites link to and makes accessible to its visitors, users and clients.


Lexxing Community uses cookies to control user sessions. Lexxing Community may also use third-party advertising services to provide advertisements and information when users visit their website. Third parties may use information about user visits to these to provide potentially interesting advertisements.

Web beacons

Lexxing Community may also contain web beacons that allow to count the users that access its sites or access cookies of the sites to create personalized user experiences while surfing the site.

Third parties and security

The sites of the Lexxing Community may provide advertisements of affiliates or advertising networks that may ask for information upon visiting their sites. Data and information provided on these sites are subject to the privacy policies of the corresponding sites and not to the privacy policy here exposed. Lexxing Community is not responsible for the contents of third parties and does not approve or take responsibility for those contents that users may access through links or advertisements. Users who access websites through those links or advertisements do so on their own account and free the Lexxing Community of any responsibility or consequence that may result.

Google, as a third-party service provider, uses cookies to publish advertisements on the websites of the Lexxing Community.
The use of the DART cookie allows Google and its associates to publish advertisements based on the visits that users make on their websites or other sites on the Internet.
Users may deactivate the use of the DART cookie visiting the Google content network privacy policy.

The cookies of other advertising partners or networks may also be used to publish advertisements on the websites of the Lexxing Community.

Data safety

The Lexxing Community cares about data security in the context of the current data protection legislation and the technical possibilities. The Lexxing community is not appropriate for the exchange of personal or secret or sensitive data.

Users must be aware of the fact that information provided or published voluntarily by them in the network of the Lexxing Community, can be accessed and used by others, copied or in any other context be used unlawfully, even if such unauthorized use is prohibited by the general terms and conditions of the Lexxing Community.

Users should also know that the Lexxing Community does not guarantee the availability of the network and the associated services or its useability. Permanent storage of published content is not guaranteed, the user is responsible for storage located outside of the network.

Publication of information to other users

The Lexxing Community provides the data and content provided by users to other users by default. User profiles can only be viewed by other registered users.

Non-liability for third-party services

The Lexxing Community is not responsible nor liable for data and content provided to third-party services that are available via the network. These third-parties do generally provide privacy policies that do not apply to us.


The Lexxing Community may revise the present terms and conditions as well as the privacy policy at any time and under applicable data protection regulation. The users may be informed as deemed appropriate.


Upon registration with the Lexxing Community and as a user you express your consent to the following:

A) Information in my profile is visible to other users and includes points and access dates as well as data about my activity on the network, as well as data about my publications, so that other users can see how active I am and which contents I have published.

B) The Lexxing Community may conduct analyses based on user behaviour, user interests and demographic data based on published contents, to improve functions and adapt services according to the interests of its users. The analyses are generally anonymous and conducted without using data related to the individual person.

C) The Lexxing Community may use and forward my published content and my profile data as well as technical usage data to conduct region-specific or target-specific advertising, usually in anonymised form. The members of the Lexxing Community understand that the maintainers do this so that the network may be provided as a free service to its users.


If you register as a user, you do accept the terms presented here without exception.
Registration is free.
To register you need to provide some minimum data, especially a valid email address, your first name, your last name, your birth date and your gender. You must provide your real data. You must also assure that you do not already have an account and that you do not maintain or create accounts with false data. You must choose a non-trivial password and keep it secret, so don't pass it on to others. We will not ask you for your password, if you receive requests of that kind please do reject them, they are certainly not ours. If you become aware of a third party getting hold of your access data then you are obliged to inform us about that. You must also inform us if you become aware of any abuse or misuse of your account that any third party is conducting or has conducted.

After your registration you will receive an email and to activate your account please follow the instructions. If all goes well with your registration, you should be able to activate your account via a link in the email or using a given password. In case you have difficulties registering, please send an email to us: support at lexxing dot com. We may delete incomplete or inactive registrations. We reserve the right to accept or reject registrations without giving a reason. We do not guarantee and are not liable for the identity of users. Users are responsible to assure the real identity of their friends. We may request proof of the information provided by users, if a user does not provide such proof, the user may be deleted from the network.


Usage of the Lexxing Community by registered users is exclusively for private purposes. Thus, users may only use contents provided by other users on a private basis and under fulfillment of the present conditions.

Any business, commercial or otherwise commercially oriented usage by users or third parties of the contents published via the Lexxing Community and its network is prohibited. The exploitation of contents is subject to the applicable license. The analysis of the contents provided via the Lexxing Community0s network by means of automated software or other programs or any other evaluation is prohibited.

Users may not disturb, harass or affect participation of other users on the network. It is also prohibited to disturb the network itself or its users by any technical or content related means, to circumvent security devices or to disrupt the functions or the continuity of the network in part or totally, as well as take measures that could interfere, impede or make it impossible for the network to provide its services. It is prohibited to try to take such measures or by means of hacking or other exploration. It is prohibited to intercept data from or to the network. It is prohibited to integrate software in general, viruses, trojans and the like with the pages, the contents or the systems of the network. Users are obliged to keep their contents free of viruses, trojans and the like.

Users are obliged to report abuse. In your own interest as well as in the interest of the network, you must report any violation of terms that comes to your knowledge.

You free the Lexxing Community and its provider of claims that other users or third parties may hold up against the Lexxing Community, if these claims arise out of your violation of the present terms. This holds also for any cost arising out of necessary legal representation.


As a user of the Lexxing Community, you agree to grant us all necessary rights to make the contents you provide (including texts, photos or videos) available, with due regard to copyright, via the media available to the Lexxing Community in general and especially by means of the Internet, and place targeted content, particularly advertising, within their setting. This also includes the right to change or technically adapt the contents you provide. You particularly grant the Lexxing Community the right to store the contents you provide indefinitely and use them commercially or otherwise. The Lexxing Community may transfer these rights to third parties.

If you publish content via the Lexxing Community, you guarantee to possess all necessary rights on these contents. If any claims against the Lexxing Community are made by third parties, including private or government organizations, due to violation of copyright, usage rights or other intellectual property rights or usage rights for the contents as well as regarding the violation of personal rights, trademarks or other property rights as well as the violation of rights related to the use of personal images, you free the Lexxing Community of any claims of third parties and will compensate the Lexxing Community adequately for any costs arising out of necessary legal defense.


If you wish to cease being a user of the Lexxing Community, then you can tell us at any time without the need to state a reason. You may do so either via your profile or sending a deletion request by email to deleteme at lexxing dot com.

The Lexxing Community reserves the right to delete accounts at any time.


All trademark and protective rights related to the Lexxing Community, the related Internet domains, logos, drawings, drafts, graphics and especially the Lexxing logo are reserved exclusively to the Lexxing Community's provider. These may not be used, neither in part or whole or modified form, in any media, under any circumstance by users or third parties without prior written express consent by the provider.


The Lexxing Community does not warrant for the contents of any kind provided by users, and is not liable for the violation of duty of users with respect to other users or third parties. The Lexxing Community is not obliged to monitor the contents provided or to investigate circumstances that may indicate illegal actions. Should we become aware of illegal actions, we will delete contents according to our possibilities and ban the related user from the network. It is also possible that sanctioning actions will be undertaken against the related users.

Our liability towards users is limited to reckless or deliberate violation of duty for damages resulting in injury of life, body or health.

The Lexxing Community is otherwise restrictedly liable for contractually predictable damages. Therefore there is no liability for loss of profit or savings or damages resulting from third-party claims or other indirect or direct resulting damages.

The Lexxing Community is particularly not liable for any contents linked or referred to from the pages of the network.

We do our best to provide high quality links, nevertheless we herewith declare that we do not accept responsibility for contents linked or referred to and that we do not embrace these contents. This declaration is valid for all links on this web page and web pages and all web pages of the Lexxing Community. Under no circumstance are we liable for contents on web pages that link to us. We are not able to determine links or references to us or to review them.
We further have no influence on how the information provided will be used, transmitted or changed by users, and thus can not be held liable for resulting damages, loss of profit or advantages or any other indirect or direct consequences that result from the usage of the information presented.

In any case, the liability of the Lexxing Community towards a user or a third party is limited to the amount the user or the third party has been charged directly by the Lexxing Community for the services provided.

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